Welcome to the Riversound Property Owners website. Inside you will fine current information on the status and conditions of the property. This site is intended to answer the many questions and concerns you may have wondered about. More information will be updated as time progresses and detials of the association and its documents as well. As manager of the association and project manager for the development, my goal is to help in the best way I can to see the project to completion and create a place you are proud to be an owner of.

I hope you all can come and visit the small town of Edenton soon and enjoy the many wonderful sights and attractions in the area. I do encourage your thoughts and feedback and as always I'm more than happy to discuss this project, your lot, or the surrounding area with you anytime.


Matt Wilson

Wilson Property Maintenace, LLC

*To ensure each Property Owner receives all correspondence regarding RiverSound, please update any contact information that may have changed by emailing Matt Wilson at wilsonpmllc@gmail.com