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April 2014-Tornado

As you may know by now, much of Chowan County suffered severe tornado damage over the weekend of April 26-27, 2014.  RiverSound was hit hard.  Hundreds of trees are down, mostly on lots owned by members of our community.  Your POA Board has been working on this matter since the weekend.  We believe we have insurance coverage for the damages sustained by the clubhouse and for removal of the trees that fell on the clubhouse, and possibly for removal of the trees that are blocking Plantation Circle.  The removal of trees on the individual lots and related cleanup are the owners’ responsibility. We will furnish an update on everything in the May Newsletter which will be posted on our website within the next few days, together with photos of some of the tornado damage.
For now, please be advised that we are working on arrangements to have all large fallen trees removed by a local timber contractor FOR FREE if he is allowed to remove ALL the large trees from RiverSound. He is ready to start working as soon as he receives authorization. Thus, we need your IMMEDIATE cooperation.  The lots that are most affected and thus would greatly benefit from this free service are practically all of lots 35 thru 51 and lots 57, 58, 59, 95, 104, 113 and 118. The boat ramp is also totally blocked by fallen trees. There are approximately 25 other lots with less damage but still requiring fallen tree removal but we are not sure at this point if the timber contractor will clear those less affected lots. We do expect him to cut and remove the outer portions of those trees that have fallen across the front of these other lots if they would interfere with traffic or grass cutting. The “cuts” for these would be at the “tree line” which in most cases would be in the lot owners’ “front yards”. We are now asking all lot owners to send an email to our POA secretary, today if possible,, providing your name, the lot(s) number(s) and the fact that you grant authorization to the POA to have your larger fallen trees cut up and removed.  Please be advised that this free service is not for small trees and minor damage as such material is of no value to our timber contractor. Be aware that even if we are successful in accomplishing all or much of this, there may be some limited clean-up of residue from the lots, and at a minimum, individual lot owners will have to bear the cost of any needed stump grinding or stump removal. Ultimately, anything we can get done for affected lot owners now means those owners will have less damage to remove later.
If there are any lot owners who do not cooperate, especially for the numbered lots above, the timber contractor will not provide free tree removal as the contractor wants either all the useable timber or none of it.  This will result in eventual expense for affected the lot owners to have their downed trees removed and an additional expense to the POA which will have to use POA funds to at least have these trees removed from the roads and common areas.
If there is any good news out of all this, many of the downed trees are one that owners would have to remove anyway, at their own expense, when they get ready to build.
If you as a lot owner are acquainted with any other lot owners, or have the email address of other lot owners who may not have seen this announcement, we ask you to forward this email to them.
Thanks to all for your cooperation.